About Us 

Santhos Manilall Forensics (Pty) Ltd (SMF) is a company specialising in 

Forensic Investigations and Dispute Services. We offer a complete spectrum

of forensics services, with a level of excellence that is second to none. Some 

of our mainstream service lines include:

•  Fraud Investigation and Anti-Corruption

•  Public Sector Investigations (relating to transgression/s of the PFMA,    

    MFMA and all other legislation applicable to the Public Sector

•  Risk Consulting 

•  Analytical and Forensic Technology 

•  Business Intelligence Services 

•  Data Interrogation 

•  Fraud Prevention. 


As a well-established company, we are able to provide you with highly

competent and skilled professionals specialised in all areas of investigation. 

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises of: 

•  Advocates

•  Former State Prosecutor 

•  Former SAPS Commercial Branch Investigators 

•  Former NPA DSO (Scorpions) Investigator

•  Chartered Accountant and Accountant 

•  Risk Manager 

•  Intelligence Analysts 

•  Technology Analysts. 


We also utilise a network of specialists such as investigators, hand-writing 

analysts, document examiners and polygraph examiners.